Sunday, 29 September 2013

Now use tablet with hands-free!!

A Swedish high-technology company, Tobii has reportedly developed an eye-tracking technology, especially meant for tablets, which can allow users to have a hands-free experience while using the device.

The technology called as the EyeMobile lets users control all of Windows with just eye movements.

The EyeMobile unit, which attaches to the tablet, contains a sensor bar, which uses two infrared cameras to locate the exact position of the user's eyes with incredible precision and speed and connects to the Windows Surface tablet or any Windows 8 tablet via USB, Fox News reports.

The eye-tracking interface requires the user to look at the menus and sub options for just a second in order to activate them and in order to swipe the screen, one needs to just look at any of them to open the menus.
If one needs to left click on anything, one is required to glance at the left mouse icon on the right then to any app or anywhere on the screen to open it.
The report added that in order to bring up Tobii's special keyboard, one needs to glance at the keyboard icon and begin typing and looking at each key will type that letter.
Although, the eye-learning might take some time for a user top get used to, the technology is especially a boon for those who have some kind physical disability or can only move their eyes.

The eye tracker inside the EyeMobile stand costs 3,900 dollars on its own, and the stand costs an additional 350 dollars and Tobii believes that if it can secure contracts and sell more of the units, then the price will fall, the report added.

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