Friday, 30 August 2013

A New Way of Typing With Si Revolution

Si revolution is an android application from snapkeys. Si Revolution is a Simple, Smart, Fast, Invisible, touchscreen keyboard for any age that frees up your whole screen changing the future of mobile socializing.

For the letters on the keys, tap on the 4 keys. For the rest of the letters, tap between the 4 keys.
Unlike the old cumbersome keyboard designed for typewriters and not mobile phones, Si Revolution has 4 keys with a layout that is familiar to the whole world regardless of language and culture. Any user can type instantly while viewing the entire touch screen.

The Si Revolution Android keyboard opens the world (e.g. photos, messages, videos, games, emails, etc.) on the screen of your mobile device by revolutionizing the way we interact with each other – something that has not been possible until now.
Si Revolution is the only onscreen keyboard that lets you view your entire screen while typing faster and more comfortably than any other keyboard. Use Si Revolution to better socialize: with only 4 keys!
You can see faces when using Facebook, you can see Pictures when typing comments on Instagram, you can see your whole conversation while typing with WhatsApp you can see other tweets while using Twitter, you can comment on videos while watching them when on YouTube. SnapKeys enables lively, interactive, and social conversations on your smartphone without a full sized onscreen keyboard blocking your screen.

TYPE FASTER: With only 4 keys, and a unique word prediction technology, users can pick up the system in a matter of minutes. Si Revolution brings to life a fun, cool way to communicate with friends and across social networks.

SI IS INTELLIGENT: Si Revolution learns your style of typing from your Contact book, Facebook, Gmail, and other social networking channels. It quickly incorporates names and other proper nouns into its predictive text technology, and users can also manually add words to the keyboard’s dictionary easily.

FREE VERSION: Free version of Si revolution is available on Google play store & on the website on snapkeys( In this version only two languages can be added.
PAID VERSION: In paid version all languages can be added.

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