Saturday, 6 October 2012

Top 6 back to school and college apps

Price: Free
Platform: Android and iPhone
This social media app is still building an audience. What's really neat about Quora is that users can pose questions to a core group of people who are knowledgeable about certain topics, and receive answers. Students can use this as a first-hand source for research projects.
There's a huge knowledge database. And it's not like a boring library version. It's a social, collaborative community of questions and answers. And you can get some really insightful research.
Price: Free
Platforms:Android and iPhone
When it comes to organizational apps, there are so many to choose from. But this app allows users to organize and set up their own or shared profile that allows students who are working on group projects or planning events to create lists, calendars, send files and even chat in the same app. It also syncs everything online at
Price: Free
Platforms: Android and iPhone
This is an organizational app. But SpringPad does much more than let you jot down ideas — it can save articles, record voice memos, allow users to snap photos and take note of their exact location at the time.
It's a way to jot down a note and it just syncs it with your account.
It also has commerce-related features that can enhance your notes with extra information, such as links to reviews and nearby theatres related to a notation you make about a specific movie.
Google Drive
Price: Free
Platforms: Android and iPhone
The app launched recently by Google integrates storage and its Google Docs cloud-based word processor.
Prey Anti-Theft
Price: Free
Platforms: Android and iPhone
At some schools, theft is a problem. Students should download the Prey Anti-Theft app and software on their smartphone or tablet (it's also available for laptops).
The app allows users to track the whereabouts of a person's device if it goes missing. It can also monitor who's using the device by quietly snapping photos if the phone or laptop has a front camera, and can then send these details to the rightful owner. The app can even remotely command the device to issue an alarm or message notifying thieves that the device is being tracked.

Price: Free
Platforms: Android and iPhone
Twitter is a common app, but students often overlook a really handy way of using it. He recommends that one of the most productive things university students can do is use their Twitter accounts to follow university staff and campus organizations.
Universities and colleges can be huge places and it's easy for students to feel out of the loop. He said he uses Twitter to get information that may not be readily available to students any other way.
There are a lot of inside tips that can save you a lot of time during your day if you pay attention to them. That goes for things like finding classes and getting study tips.s

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